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TOGAF Certification: Manchester: October 2011: BOOK NOW

TOGAF 9 Certification is recognised globally and demand for these skills is increasing each year

WelcomeDevelop your career and job market potential by improving your competency based interview skills and overall knowledge of TOGAF enterprise Architecture. Obtain the opportunity of applying for higher calibre positions 


If you are keen to become TOGAF certified and the Manchester venue is more convenient why not book a course now? Our courses include practical course exercises, exam practice questions and a chance to get feedback and put more context to the Study materials.

EA Dynamics UK's TOGAF certification courses cover the core areas that are crucial for passing the certification criteria. Part of the process is a series of planned exercises based on real life examples which underpins each candidates ability to apply the principles of the course to their own organisation, in their own 'real world'.
EA Dynamics UK courses develop individuals knowledge and understanding, and help them focus on optimising their organisation's business capabilities, with a sharp focus on the key areas that help to maintain the crucial competitive edge in their marketplace.
EA Dynamics UK offers a client centred approach
- Flexible options - offering both weekend and midweek courses
- Quality TOGAF training focused on obtaining TOGAF Accreditation
- Career development via recognised certification
- Case studies enabling real-life application of techniques, developing the skills required to transform large enterprises
- Increased understanding of optimising business capabilities and transformation
-Debate of the TOGAF exam questions with rationale, discussion and feedback
We begin with the end in mind!

Course dates
Weekend 1 - 08-09 Oct 2011
Weekend 2 - 15-16 Oct 2011
Courses run from 10am to 5 pm with lunch and refreshments provided
If you live outside of the M25, and find travelling to London for training both expensive and time consuming - we can offer viable alternatives. EA Dynamics UK will arrange training anywhere in the UK where there is sufficient demand. Call us to see what is currently planned.
EA Dynamics UK courses offer a friendly, open environment designed to ensure each delegate has the best possible basis for obtaining their TOGAF Practitioner Certification. The courses use licensed TOGAF materials and experienced trainers.
Delegates are able to benefit from participation in practical exercises based on real world examples which reinforce and bring to life TOGAF theory. EA Dynamics UK offers a delegate friendly experience: we're friendly as well as focused on success.
Our success is evidenced by your success!

The course calendar page has all the information on times and locations as well as further details.