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EA Dynamics UK Launch a Multimedia Tool to Assist in Stakeholder and Management Support.

TOGAF 9 Certification is recognised globally and demand for these skills is increasing each year

key to successThis short video clip is an ideal way to introduce TOGAF to the various stakeholder groups – keeping technical jargon to the minimum it focuses on the ‘pain’ areas the various stakeholder groups can relate to.  Why not use this collateral to gain support within your organisation?

This short video is an ideal means of introducing TOGAF to your various stakeholder or management groups.
It focuses on the areas that your business may have already highlighted for improvement and introduces the concept of enterprise architecture and its benefits without confusing jargon.
This tool aims to provide an understanding of the TOGAF infrastructure which may otherwise appear abstract or confusing to those unfamiliar with such frameworks. It aims to highlight typical problems found in business and the advantages of using a holistic approach to business transformation and capability development.
Why not preview the video on our website and see if your organisation could benefit from our tailored training? Delegates will leave with TOGAF certification and the ability and knowledge to transform your organisation into its most efficient and streamlined framework.
Forward them the link and spread the benefits of best practice with EA Dynamics UK and TOGAF! If you'd like to know more, please preview the video on our website and see if your organisation could benefit our tailored training. The video can be found here at http://www.eadynamicsuk.com/togaf_description.html