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Improve your performance and career prospects in the business world by becoming a Certified Enterprise Architect Practitioner.

TOGAF 9 Certification is recognised globally and demand for these skills is increasing each year

key to successDevelop your career and job market potential by improving your competency based interview skills and overall knowledge of TOGAF enterprise Archicture. Obtain the opportunity of applying for higher calibre positions 


Across the UK, IT-based jobs pay an average salary of 42,000, with 90% of jobs offered a salary more than 26,500.
The average salary for Senior Enterprise Architect is 65,000 with 90% of jobs offered a salary more than 50,000.
Why not invest in developing your career opportunities by becoming TOGAF certified?

At EA Dynamics UK we understand that in today's competitive market and job economy it pays to get ahead. We are keen to pass on knowledge and expertise to our delegates, giving real life contextual examples and hands-on exercises that will help give you an edge at interviews when discussing Enterprise Architecture and TOGAF.

To give an example of one of the large UK companies that value TOGAF certification:

"BP's IT groups collectively spend about $2 billion annually, employ 3,000 people and have about 700 active projects in the works."...."BP mapped applications to business processes and categorized applications based on how critical they were. The study also revealed that architects' role was vaguely defined, which BP addressed by establishing a program that includes The Open Group Architecture Framework certification."

Source computerworld-


Our courses give you an in depth understanding of TOGAF Enterprise Architecture. Level 1 & 2 certification helps you acquire not only an in depth knowledge of Togaf Enterprise Architecture - it also gives the ability to apply this in different scenarios and phases of the life cycle. This knowledge and expertise will help you stand out and get noticed at interviews, giving you the confidence to give informed answers and discuss the subject matter with improved authority. Coupled with your hands-on IT and architecture experience within a work environment, becoming a TOGAF Certified Practitioner will make for a compelling reason to hire you above the others.

Our courses are designed to suit your needs and during the day the focus will be on helping to become a Certified Enterprise Architect Practitioner. Our courses offer a friendly, open environment encouraging delegates to participate in practical exercises aimed at reinforcing the TOGAF theory with licensed TOGAF materials and experienced trainers.

We offer both weekend and midweek courses giving you more flexibility in your course options. These courses are open to delegates anywhere in Europe and the UK.

ors and offer in house training at your organisation to tailor the courses to your specific needs, increasing its benefits whilst decreasing overhead costs.

EA Dynamics UK promise: "We will achieve customer satisfaction by continually improving processes, products and services to ensure they consistently meet or exceed customer requirements".
We are aware that passive learning through PowerPoint and other such mediums is not always the most effective and so offer courses that are focused upon the practical application of TOGAF materials in working examples to promote a greater understanding and tailoring of the framework.

"EADynamicsUK provided a great environment combined with an experienced instructor and course-ware that meets the exact needs of the certification. I highly recommend the TOGAF9 training to anyone who wants to get certified in an environment that's conducive to learning and provides a great work-life balance approach to certification."- David Adesanya, Technical E2E Architect at Uptech. Customer feedback can be viewed via linked in feedback.

We are committed to providing the highest quality training, with our delegates leaving as certified architects and a part of the elite of Enterprise Architects that are increasingly in demand.
For more information and to book courses, visit our website at: http://www.eadynamicsuk.com/