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EA Dynamics UK is dedicated to providing quality targeted training in Enterprise Architecture and ensuring highest client satisfaction.

TOGAF 9 Certification is recognised globally and demand for these skills is increasing each year


This article highlights how EA Dynamics UK targeted and hands on training enable delegates to attain TOGAF LEVEL 1 and 2 certification. The practical exercises help delegates to apply their new found skills and knowledge within organisations- understanding how tailoring TOGAF to suit their existing organisational assets, ways of working and culture.

EA Dynamics UK is revolutionary in its approach to TOGAF training by offering practical and interactive courses that use TOGAF theory as a reference rather than a focus to ensure a greater understanding and fuller potential is reached by our clients. Following this promise, EA Dynamics UK provides both initial TOGAF training and supplementary courses to enable delegates to reach their utmost capabilities.

The nature of the initial TOGAF course encourages discussion in the context of working examples and strives to use varied working styles to accommodate all delegates. Students will not only be able to attain TOGAF Level One and Two professional certification, but also a developed and applicable understanding of the key deliverables, which will be invaluable to the infrastructures and their Enterprise Architecture roles in which they work. However, we also recognise the desire of enterprise architects to apply such modelling techniques and have developed supporting modelling courses that are designed to supplement earlier TOGAF training.

Providing both foundation and advanced skill level courses coupled with additional modelling courses, we aim to ensure accuracy and specificity within the management of a metamodel which can otherwise be a daunting undertaking. Working through the Architecture Development Method phases, students will learn the essential skills such as creating artifacts that model information, behaviour and structure that are the essence of a successful organisation.

Integral to all courses provided by EA Dynamics is the use of specific working examples, which we believe enhances the learning experience of delegates without reliance upon PowerPoint and passive acquisition.
We provide innovative and quality training to offer developing Enterprise Architects the understanding and rationale that is invaluable to every organisation.

Our flexible approach to training allows delegates to attend courses both midweek or at weekends, giving flexibility to fit their training around their work schedules