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Becoming an Enterprise Practitioner is now easier! TOGAF LEVEL 1 AND 2 CERTIFICATION

For Enterprise Architect professionals, becoming a certified TOGAF Practitioner has just become much easier! Achieving Practitioner status benefits both the organisation and the employee, and is a necessary step for becoming a Certified Enterprise Architect Practitioner, and a smart career move for the serious Enterprise Architect and IT Professional.

With a background in Enterprise Architecture (EA) practice, consultancy and training across the Europe, EA Dynamics UK are bringing a simple, effective and FREE learning tool to the market. EA learners can access free multiple choice Level 1 sample questions which are now available on-line.

E-learning is now a widely recognized education tool, and this provision from EA Dynamics UK allows learners to try out some sample questions to assess their own knowledge level. As well as allowing learners to analyse responses and calculate scores, the EA Dynamics UK package allows the learner to see the answer rationale after the answer has been submitted, reinforcing the learning and enabling the learner to get the most out of the experience. Learners can repeat the process as often as they need to, free of charge.

Click here for the link to http://www.eadynamicsuk.com/togaf_enterprise_Architecture_knowledgebase.html
The page includes a link to an on-line tutorial for the Enterprise Architecture Continuum to help answer the Enterprise Continuum multiple choice questions.

The page has a link to the TOGAF free download and also a link to a DSDM Agile and Enterprise architecture paper.
Client feedback: Paul Musson, Security Architect's package: "This is a great way to get up to speed prior to the exams, I can use this web package whenever, allowing me to fit revision into my schedule" "EA Dynamics UK.com has made preparing for the TOGAF Level 1 and 2 Certification much easier. Many thanks for making this so readily available".
EA Dynamics UK is a licensed TOGAF training provider, passionate about Enterprise Architecture, with a mission to promote knowledge transfer and provide consumers with a wide choice of e-learning, classroom and hands on best practice experience.

The EA Dynamics UK website offers a range of articles, research materials and learning materials provided for Enterprise Architects, and anyone interested in business transformation through Enterprise Architecture

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