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Web TOGAF 9 Quiz

Enterprise Continuum Q1-5, Architecture Repository Q6-10

1.What best describes the Enterprise Continuum? 2. From left to right select the correct order of the Enterprise Continuum pieces 3. Where would the following sit within the Enterprise Continuum - a data model representing the business functions and processes specific to a particular vertical , such as Retail 's“Active Store” architecture, or an  Architecture that incorporates the Petrotechnical Open Software Corporation (POSC) data model 4. Which Enterprise Continuum Solutions provide highly generic concepts, tools, products, services, and solution components that are the fundamental providers of capabilities 5. What does IIIRM mean? 6. Which one of the following correctly shows Architecture Repository components
7.  At a high level, how many classes of architectural information are expected to be held within an Architecture Repository? 8. The three levels of the architecture landscape consist of  9. To manage the content of the Enterprise Continuum we need tools in order to  10. TOGAF recognizes the need to manage the content of the Enterprise Continuum using tools, and
includes guidance on tool selection, including a set of evaluation _________________ to aid selection of tools

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