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Web TOGAF 9 Quiz

 1. Which one of the following does NOT represent the ADM? 2. Name the odd one out for limiting scope? 3. The Governance repository holds the following suggested elements except ____________? 4. Which of the TOGAF Architecture Development Phases includes development of the technology architecture? 5. Which phase of the ADM analyses costs, benefits, and risks and develops detailed Implementation and Migration plan? 6. Complete the sentence. The Enterprise Continuum is __________  7. Which of the following gives a general context for architectures and solutions and categorises assets that relates to the whole enterprise scope?  8. Which one of the following is a benefit of the Architecture Content Framework? 9. Which phase provides continual monitoring and a change management process to ensure that the architecture responds to the needs of the enterprise? 10. Which main part of TOGAF holds a set of guidelines, templates and techniques?

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