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Define the Target architecture value proposition and KPI's 

Quiz 3 Answers  

1.What best describes a principle? - A - A qualitative statement of intent that should be met by the architecture. Has at least a supporting rationale and a measure of importance.

2. Select the best definition of 'baseline' - C - A specification that has been formally reviewed and agreed upon, that thereafter serves as the basis for further development or change and that can be changed only through formal change control procedures or a type of procedure such as configuration management.

3. Select the best definition of Governance - E - The discipline of monitoring, managing, and steering a business (or IS/IT landscape) to deliver the business outcome required. 

4. Which word best describes 'a model that describes how and with what the architecture will be described in a structured way' ? - C - Metamodel 

5. Which word best describes A quantitative statement of business need that must be met by a particular architecture or work package? - D - Requirement

6. Which phase defines an Organization-Specific Architecture framework - A - Preliminary Phase

7. Which Phase analysis cost benefits and risk?  - D - Phase F

8. Which Phase includes the continual monitoring and a change management process - C- Phase H 

9. Which example best shows the configuration control of early versions within TOGAF - D- 0.1

10. Which ADM Architecture may utilise the TOGAF Foundation architecture during its development? - D - Technology architecture