Why use TOGAF TRM?

 The TOGAF TRM is a “taxonomy and graphic” of the generic platform services.  Why do we need it and how should it be used?

  The graphic and taxonomy groups and categorises the typical services that are required by most organisations in order to run their applications effectively and efficiently.  The actual applications and technologies used by organisation will vary – but most organisations will all require the generic platform services such as print services or network services in order to support the business applications and users.

 By using this grouping or taxonomy we are identifying the platform services used by most organisations.  The benefit of using this as a starting point is that in order to manage the platform services it is useful to identify what technologies are used and also what platform service components are in use.  The TOGAF TRM helps users to collect and analyse the data by its grouping taxonomy.  Architects can then look at the component solutions and technologies used in the group services and try and rationalise the infrastructure as it is easier to analyse the whole raft of platform services information in grouped segments.  The TOGAF TRM is hierarchical enabling Architects to look at the simple graphic summary and drill down into the more granular detail.  This gives greater  transparency - both of what platform services are used for by the organisation and also by analysing the technologies and instances identified by using the TOGAF TRM. This analysis helps identify issues and analysis as a means of streamlining the assets and avoiding duplication/wastage of resources.

Many organisations use their Own TRM – or start with the TOGAF TRM and analyse which bits are relevant and change the grouping to suit organisational needs.  Ultimately it helps architects categorise and list their assets for each platform service giving visibility or the enterprise architecture landscape makeup.

TOGAF TRM can be used to focus hierarchically on the levels of details within an organisations platform services which they use.

High level conceptual view of graphic:-


High Level Conceptual view of graphic

High Level more detailed view of TOGAF TRM Graphic

High Level more detailed view of TOGAF TRM graphic

Mega diagram

 Focus now into one of the platform services areas(allowing elaboration at each level of the hierarchy)

View of Graphics and Imaging services sub detail grouping:

View of Graphics and Imaging services sub detail grouping

Mega diagram

 Platform components can then be listed in the category groupings

 Mega diagram


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