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This is some more text in a hidden paragraph. When the above link is clicked, this will be hidden/revealed as appropriate.

To achieve this, the link has to have a "rev" attribute and the paragraph of text that is to be hidden/revealed must have an "id" attribute. The value of these two attributes must match, in this example the link has the rev attribute as follows: rev="show1", whilst the block of text has an id attribute as follows: id="show1". If more than one hidden block of text is required on the page, then the id attribute for each block of text that is to be hidden/revealed must be unique. In other words, "show1" cannot be used again on this page.


Benefits of Modelling

  • Ability to articulate strategic view of landscape Optimise data use
  • Reduce infrastructure duplication and optimise non-functional aspects
  • More effective decision making due to up front options analysis with simulation of key requirements
  • Ability to communicate conflicting goals and drivers and facilitate conflict resolution
  • Highlight misalignment of priorities
  • Show competing demands for business services allowing compromise service levels to be defined
  • Improve oversight and Architectural Governance

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