Prior to showing the TRM taxonomy in more detail this section gives the context and purpose of its use. 


 TRM small



The next section can then show the taxomy in more granular detail.


This page includes a detailed view of the TOGAF TRM.

This Technical Reference model is provided as part of the TOGAF framework - as an initial  starting point for grouping generic Foundation Architecture building blocks.  Reference models provide a layer of abstraction and a means of grouping areas enabling visibility of the platform services and components.  The reference model can help in many ways -   if an organisation wishes to capture and to list the technologies, services and components used across the enterprise architecture then this suggested taxonomy can help identify what technologies are used in various groupings.  Capturing and grouping the assets helps provide transparency at the infrastructure level.  It gives visibility of what is currently being used - listing the various technologies and services used within the suggested taxonomy (the technologies and asset types may vary per organisation, but this reference model enables each organisation to catalogue their assets types at the infrastructure level).  
This visibility of the infrastructure assets can help highlight where there would be high overheads from maintaining multiple technologies and various component types within a taxonomy grouping - perhaps showing that by keeping legacy infrastructure along with new technology additions the maintenance costs may be higher than anticipated.  
Having visibility of the 'facts' allows the relevant stakeholders to analyse and discuss suitable options for improving the current infrastructure landscape.  Questions could then be asked to establish the business needs, criteria established in line with business drivers as to how the various parts of the infrastructure could be transformed into a more effective, more economical infrastructure landscape that provides the required level of performance to fit the business needs.
  You can only start to fix problems that you know about -that are visible and this reference model is a starting point for businesses to analyse their foundational architecture - the TRM can be tailored and adapted as the business become more familiar with the content of their Foundational Architectures and wish to make the taxonomy more specific to their organisation.
This diagram shows the detail of the various sections of the TRM. Further links below the diagram show the detail of the next layer of each section Click on the relevant links shown after the TRM detailed view picture to see the underlying detail in each section area.




Mega diagram

Please click the areas below to see more granular details of the TOGAF TRM sections.


Application Software Layer

Application Software detail

Application Platform Layer

 System and Network Management Services detail

Software Engineering Services.

Security Services

Transaction Processing Services

International Operation Services

Location & Directory Services

User Interface Services

Data Interchange Services

Data Management Services

Graphic & Imaging Services

Operating System Services

Network Services


Communication Infrastructure Layer



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