TOGAF® Benefits

EA Dynamics UK is a specialist training company focused on Enterprise Architecture and TOGAF® professional certification. We provide quality training enabling all of our delegates to achieve their goals. EA Dynamics UK provide interactive and stimulating courses enabling an in depth understanding of the TOGAF® framework. Delegates gain an insight into the tools, techniques and methodologies used within the Enterprise Architecture. Our workshops and exercises  enable delegates not only understand the theory, but be able to apply the techniques back at their workplace.

TOGAF® 9 Certification is recognised globally and demand for these skills is increasing each year.


The Open Group is a member driven global technology and vendor neutral consortium, with over 350 member organisations, with headquarters in 31 countries.  It was formed in 1996.  TOGAF® services include management, strategy, standards, certification, test development, innovation and research.

The Open Group also develops and manages the TOGAF® standard, which is an industry standard Enterprise Architecture Framework. The Open Group members include a range of IT buyers and vendors as well as government agencies, for example Capgemini,  Fujitsu, Oracle, Hitachi, HP, IBM, Kingdee, NEC, SAP, US Department of Defense, NASA and others.


An effective, industry standard framework and method for Enterprise Architecture.

Complementary to, not competing with, other enterprise frameworks.

A repository of best practice.

“Demystifies” architecture development.

Vendor, tool, and technology neutral.

A framework and method for achieving the "Boundaryless information Flow” vision.

Aligns IT to business goals developing business capabilities.

How can TOGAF® help you and your business?

Greater dependence on technology makes licensed training vital to maintain the business' competitive edge. A holistic and balanced approach to the the quality of the people, process and technology is a critical success factor to any enterprise. One of the major challenges facing enterprises is maximising the return on investment in IT and Technology Infrastructure.  Making sure that  businesses can respond quickly to changes in competition and the marketplace, to achieve set business goals, extend existing capabilities and support smooth operations, is a challenge that  TOGAF® was designed for.

A major strength of Enterprise Architecture is to align Business & IT management operations with organisational strategy. EA Dynamics UK provides the right training programmes and specialist courses ( in Enterprise Architecture and TOGAF™ certification programmes)  help you to understand Business Transformation through the use of Change Management and Enterprise Architecture,  bringing measurable benefits to your business.

EA Dynamics UK Course Calendar and Rates

Our course calendar offers a selection of public courses making it easy to obtain TOGAF® certification promptly and without fuss; the course content and examples prepare all delegates for the exams. EA Dynamics UK course content is based on the Open Group TOGAF® framework and we strive to produce lively and innovative training programmes for our delegates, revising content based on feedback.

Delegates need to be able to apply the methodologies and techniques, not just be aware of them.  EA Dynamics UK courses use worked examples as practical demonstrations to underpin how the course content works in the real world.

TOGAF® 9  consists of Foundation and Certified Levels. The Foundation Level covers the fundamentals of TOGAF® 9 giving candidates terminology and  basic concepts of TOGAF® 9.

The Certified Level builds on the basic knowledge gained on the Foundation Level, expanding on the concepts and analysis techniques.  This not only validates knowledge, but also ensures candidates can  apply TOGAF®  to many different scenarios.


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Benefits of Modelling

  • Ability to articulate strategic view of landscape Optimise data use
  • Reduce infrastructure duplication and optimise non-functional aspects
  • More effective decision making due to up front options analysis with simulation of key requirements
  • Ability to communicate conflicting goals and drivers and facilitate conflict resolution
  • Highlight misalignment of priorities
  • Show competing demands for business services allowing compromise service levels to be defined
  • Improve oversight and Architectural Governance
Pass Guarantee

If you do not pass the exam: You may attend all or part of the same course given by EA Dynamics UK that is being run. The only fees we will charge are for the exam fee and specific venue fees (e.g.refreshments). More information

Open Group Certification logo is a trademark and TOGAF is a registered trademark of The Open Group in the United States and other countries. TOGAF® 9 Practitioner Certification Training Level 1 and 2 is an Accredited TOGAF 9 Training Course and complies with the accreditation requirements for The Open Group TOGAF Certification for People program

TOGAF Benefits