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Consultancy - with the focus on knowledge transfer

 EA Dynamics UK offers a wide range of consultancy services tailored to your organisational needs.Our aim is to elicit your goals, drivers and needs.

Where our offering and goals differ substantially from other consultancies is that we will help structure and facilitate developing capabilities from within your organisation, leaving a legacy of empowered staff to continue taking your capabilities from strength to strength.

We achieve our goals by developing and building internal resource capability. Our aim is to mentor and develop your staff in the areas we are brought in to develop so that when we leave, the legacy we leave is not just a completed deliverable - the processes and techniques we employ will be known and practised by your staff after we leave.To ensure that the skills are embedded within the organisation, we strive to put measures in place. In order to achieve this, our recommendations and activities can include development of documentation, knowledge bases and mechanisms to ensure the organisational processes and culture will show the typical learning outcomes required to achieve this ambitious goal.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements and needs.

EA Dynamics UK promise:

"We will achieve customer satisfaction by continually improving processes, products and services to ensure they consistently meet or exceed customer requirements".

EA Dynamics UK training staff

Heather Wilcox, MDEA Dynamics UK Trainers have extensive experience both in the public and private sectors and understand first hand the challenges facing enterprises and managing change effectively. One of the prerequisites for our staff is to have both practical experience of Enterprise Architecture and Business Transformation coupled with training skills, allowing us to provide high quality mentoring and knowledge transfer as a core part of our service.  All of our staff are suitably qualified and have extensive practical experience with architectures and Business Transformation.

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Benefits of Modelling

  • Ability to articulate strategic view of landscape Optimise data use
  • Reduce infrastructure duplication and optimise non-functional aspects
  • More effective decision making due to up front options analysis with simulation of key requirements
  • Ability to communicate conflicting goals and drivers and facilitate conflict resolution
  • Highlight misalignment of priorities
  • Show competing demands for business services allowing compromise service levels to be defined
  • Improve oversight and Architectural Governance

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