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Want to improve your salary potential in Business, IT and Security related roles?

Many organisations are striving to bridge the gap between business and IT, and many roles in either camp are being asked for multi disciplinary skills spanning both.  TOGAF Framework encompasses the business, information services and technology domains, giving roles a broader knowledge across all aspects of the  change transformation lifecycle.

If you wish to develop your earning potential for business,  IT and security related roles,  then it is useful to be aware of the relationship between salaries and requested qualifications being offered in the job market.

In developing your CV for the job market it helps to consider which processes and skills the employers are requesting.  IT watch produces statistics showing the types of roles on offer and also the average salaries for the various roles.  The following histogram taken from IT watch site show that the average salaries for roles requesting TOGAF and ITIL.

It is interesting to compare the average salaries.  Both qualifications are important in the IT market, but the histogram  citing TOGAF  commands the  higher salaries.  Statistics from IT Watch, which analyses the job market and statistics show how roles that include TOGAF certification average higher salaries.
For example for the 3 months period to Jun 2015 the average salary for TOGAF was F70,000 as opposed to average salary for ITIL at £45,000.


TOGAF Salaries


 IT Jobs Watch analysis of jobs citing TOGAF qualifications



 Salaris quoted for ITIL related roles

  IT Jobs Watch analysis of jobs citing ITIL qualifications


If you wish to broaden your knowledge and develop your career potential consider obtaining the TOGAF Certification.


EA Dynamics UK offers the TOGAF Certification, which includes practical examples, including debate of the activities needed to transform the business across the strategic, programme and project level.  We also offer weekend courses for those who do not want to attend midweek courses.


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