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Data Management Skills requested for Enterprise Architecture Related Roles

IT Jobs Statistics reveal that within the UK in the last 6 months up August 2013, the IT Jobs market employers cited TOGAF and Enterprise Architecture as their top 2 most desirable skills in their job specifications. (Enterprise Architect Top Related IT Skills by Category section)

To embark on an EA related career the recommended initial steps are to obtain TOGAF 9.1 accreditation.
Once you have obtained these skills what are your next steps to develop your Enterprise Architecture or IT related career?

The IT UK Watch charts below show how Data Management Related Skills are an essential part of an Enterprise Architecture related Role. ( See yellow highlights on Data related skillsets below) 

IT Watch data related skillsets for Enterprise architecture roles

To corroborate the chart the EA skills framework is also referenced with the data management related skills highlighted in yellow.

Data Management related skills shown in Enterprise Architecture Skills Framework

The skills framework shows the breadth of knowledge expected by an Enterprise Architect and the Level confirms that an Enterprise Architect skillset should have a depth of knowledge for Data Design and Modelling, Transaction Processing and Data Management

Our Data Modelling and Data Management training course has the depth and content to ensure that your data management skillset is strengthened, enabling you to develop your Data Design, transaction processing and Data Management skillset to the required level for an Enterprise Architecture Role.

Visit our web site to find out more about our Data Management Course

EA Dynamics UK  Enterprise Architecture Course Calandar


EA Dynamics UK Data Modelling Course Syllabus


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Organisational Change For Your Business With EA Dynamics UK


"The best way to predict your future is to create it"

  - Peter F Drucker

Orgainsiational Change When a business fails to achieve what it has set out to do, one contributor may be internal problems related to the core of the business activities and functions; as well as badly understood  interactions with other departments coupled with poorly defined responsibilities. Frequently, all kinds of businesses ignore the obvious change in their environment and experience very slow growth or none at all. To improve business performance, why not ensure the relevant roles within the organisation obtain TOGAF certification.  This will enable the business to understand and utilise proven best practice to support organisational change and transformation.


TOGAF Certification For Effective And Efficient Organisational Change


Larger global businesses or business enterprises sometimes get caught up in their functions the processes that support operations become fragmented and inefficient, which results in internal chaos. TOGAF certification will provide you with the framework, tools and skillsets needed to develop enterprise architecture, allowing you to review what each and every department is doing, addressing the problems based on mission criticality and business drivers.


After analysis, design and implementation successful organisational change is realised by ensuring the stated benefits are tracked to ensure the outcomes are successfully achieved. The proven enterprise architecture approach will allow you to lower your business operation and management costs, have a more agile organisation with a more flexible workforce and improve your business productivity.


Numerous Benefits Of TOGAF Certification For Your Business


Other key benefits include more efficient IT operations with reduced complexity in business and IT, lower costs in software development, support and maintenance. Organisation has proven that project development timescales have reduced from 9 months to 3 months by utilising and managing their assets as reusable building blocks and design patterns.  This approach has helped to reduce timescales by ‘Design once, use many times’ approach.


As well as this, TOGAF can help your business achieve more clarity in the core activities and goals which, after each function of each business unit is streamlined, resulting in smoother operations and increased adaptability to the changing environment, together with the lowered costs in all departments. 


Tactical, short term projects that focus on immediate problems in one operational area often result in fragmented, duplicated landscape.  The broader, more strategic analysis of the landscape help to ensure license costs, functionality and capabilities are optimised, enabling the business to concentrate on achieving their business goals, not fire fighting and wrestling with out of date, legacy systems.


With EA Dynamics UK your team will be trained on TOGAF and given insight into the techniques, methodologies and tools essential in enterprise architecture. With our workshops and exercises your delegates will understand the theory and be confident to apply it in their companies and organisations.


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Comparison of Enterprise architecture and Solutions Perspective

New Knowledgebase article comparing and contrasting the enterprise architect and solutions perspectives


Link to article comparing the EA and Solution perspective

Are EA Job descriptions always realistic

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Business Enterprise Architecture Consulting Services UK

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