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Want to improve your salary potential in Business, IT and Security related roles?

Many organisations are striving to bridge the gap between business and IT, and many roles in either camp are being asked for multi disciplinary skills spanning both.  TOGAF Framework encompasses the business, information services and technology domains, giving roles a broader knowledge across all aspects of the  change transformation lifecycle.

If you wish to develop your earning potential for business,  IT and security related roles,  then it is useful to be aware of the relationship between salaries and requested qualifications being offered in the job market.

In developing your CV for the job market it helps to consider which processes and skills the employers are requesting.  IT watch produces statistics showing the types of roles on offer and also the average salaries for the various roles.  The following histogram taken from IT watch site show that the average salaries for roles requesting TOGAF and ITIL.

It is interesting to compare the average salaries.  Both qualifications are important in the IT market, but the histogram  citing TOGAF  commands the  higher salaries.  Statistics from IT Watch, which analyses the job market and statistics show how roles that include TOGAF certification average higher salaries.
For example for the 3 months period to Jun 2015 the average salary for TOGAF was F70,000 as opposed to average salary for ITIL at £45,000.


TOGAF Salaries


 IT Jobs Watch analysis of jobs citing TOGAF qualifications



 Salaris quoted for ITIL related roles

  IT Jobs Watch analysis of jobs citing ITIL qualifications


If you wish to broaden your knowledge and develop your career potential consider obtaining the TOGAF Certification.


EA Dynamics UK offers the TOGAF Certification, which includes practical examples, including debate of the activities needed to transform the business across the strategic, programme and project level.  We also offer weekend courses for those who do not want to attend midweek courses.


Contact us now to learn more.



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TOGAF 9.1 Weekend Training

TOGAF training

EA Dynamics UK TOGAF Course Calendar

TOGAF 9.1 Accredited Courses available on request.

TOGAF 9.1 weekend training is available on 06/07 & 13/14th June 2015

Become TOGAF 9.1 Certified this month.  Book now to reserve your place!

Take part in Enterprise Architecture debates with other IT and Business Professionals and develop your understanding and skills within enterprise architecture.

Learn more about Strategic architecture, Enterprise architecture capability, Enterprise Architecture Modelling, tailoring TOGAFand  organisational change.

Have on site preparation for the TOGAF 9.1 Level 1 and Level 2 exam papers. Contact us at EA Dynamics Uk for more information.

There is the option of taking exam onsite at the end of the course.


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Statistics showing number of IT and Security related jobs citing TOGAF is increasing year on year

The table below shows that the number of jobs citing TOGAF in their job specifications is over1200 in the last three months of 2014.


If you want to improve average salary potential and IT and Security related jobs this table shows that employees rate the TOGAf qualification highly and are including TOGAF on the job specifications.


Obtaining the qualification will help get you to the interview stage for the cited jobs shown on the table.  The course itself and the knowldege gained will also help you respond to the job interview questions with improved knowledge and insight based on the TOGAf and Enterprise related topics covered on the course.


Join us now on the upcoming courses and get certified now.


EA Dynamics Uk TOGAF Course Calendar


IT Watch TOGAF Job Statistics

EA Dynamics UK – This intensive course covers the entire syllabus for the TOGAF 9.1 Foundation and Certified Levels, preparing candidates for the TOGAF Level 1 and Level 2 examinations. The course is enhanced with case studies that demonstrate how TOGAF is used in context.

Approx. 96% achieve TOGAF Practitioner status, plus our feedback gives credit for our varied case studies and real life work examples.

IT job watch table shows the impact and demand for TOGAF related skills- Improve your job Prospects for obtaining an IT related role.  Get TOGAF Certified in a week.

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TOGAF Weekend Training

TOGAF 9.1 certified professional training available with EA Dynamics UK.

Our quality training is well recognised and has consistent,positive feedback.

The TOGAF training course is structured over two weekends and is an excellent way to prepare for the TOGAF exam.

EA Dynamics UK offer midweek and weekend courses with hands on practical exercises in a friendly, supported setting.  We include tips and techniques for exam questions and TOGAF exam practice.

We have varied examples and discussions aimed at broadening your enterprise architecture knowledge base.Let us help to improve your career and potential with our TOGAF and ArchiMate courses.
TOGAF training is available each now, Book Now to avoid disapointment.

Visit our home page

TOGAF Training - contact us



TOGAF delegate

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TOGAF 9.1 Delegate feeback


TOGAF 9.1 feedback from one of our courses

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TOGAF Course Feedback01

Here is some recent course feedback from the TOGAF 9.1 Course

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Enterprise Architecture and TOGAF are Top IT skills requested by employers in 2013

Pie chart analysis of TOP IT Skills requetsed in job specs 2013


IT Jobs Statistics  reveal that within the uk in the last 6 months up August 2013, the IT Jobs market employers cited TOGAF and Enterprise Architecture as their top 2 most desirable skills in their job specifications.

The demand for Eneterprise Architecture and TOGAF were a dominant feature in the IT job specifications showing employers rated these skill highly in their employees. (Enterprise Architect Top Related IT Skills by Category section)

Why not ensure that your cv reflects market demand by booking one of our TOGAF courses?  Our weekend and midweek training enable you to obtain TOGAF accreditation, enabling you to develop the skills you need to progress your career development.


Click here to see out TOGAF 9.1 accredited training calandar

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TOGAF Weekend Course In Bristol

New TOGAF 9,1 weekend courses are now scheduled in the Bristol area - ideal for anyone who wants to learn TOGAF in the BRISTOL, Newport, Cardiff area. 

Please look on our course calendar for details:- or request details on our contact page


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Courses available in Central London

Courses avaiable in Euston, Central London for April and May TOGAF 9.1 Courses.  Book now to avoid disapointment.

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More TOGAF Exam Questions

More practice Level 1 and Level 2 questions are available to help prepare for the exam. 

We take time to include going through practice questions and model answers during and after the course to ensure our delegates are well prepared.

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Enterprise Architecture Skillset trends and demand

Delegates feedback shows a desire to increase their skill set to meet the growing requirement for Enterprise Architects who combine technical knowledge (e.g. technology, software and infrastructure related knowledge within an enterprise context) with an in depth understanding of business technology strategy and human dynamics. 

Their feedback confirms that EA Dynamics UK provides a focused hub of expertise and resources that help them to achieve their career development goals and provide a stimulating learning environment for developing the interdisciplinary mix required by today's organisations.

Why not view delegate feedback here and give us a call to discuss your requirements on +44(0) 1443 449886 or email

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2013 TOGAF 9.1 course schedule

Our current 2013 Course schedule is now available.  Please book early to secure a place.  Our trainers are available to discuss your queries and requirements, so please email or phone us to take the first step in becoming a Certified TOGAF Practitioner.

To contact us please call us on: +44(0) 1443 449886 or Email:

View our latest schedule here.

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Business Enterprise Architecture Consulting Services UK

Open Group Certification logo is a trademark and TOGAF is a registered trademark of The Open Group in the United States and other countries. TOGAF® 9 Practitioner Certification Training Level 1 and 2 is an Accredited TOGAF 9 Training Course and complies with the accreditation requirements for The Open Group TOGAF Certification for People program